Friday, October 9, 2015

Baby Bib-dannas Are Cute & Functional!

I never realised what a huge trendy baby culture was out there until I started following some other moms on Instagram . It's a world of ultra cute tiny hipsters in shrunken down hip hip slogan tees, arrow prints, flower crowns and bib bandanna hybrids called BIBDANNAS.

 Since my baby isn't due yet, my Boston Terrier, Solaire, is modeling a super soft, super cute bibdanna that was given to me in a set by MyMiniMcGee. Straight out of the package, these bibdannas are fleecy and gentle on the back and smooth and pleasant on the printed side. My set had four cheery, unisex patterns with a set of two secure snaps. It stayed on while Solaire attempted to yank it off after posing yet easily and quickly released. 

 MyMiniMcGee bibdannas are perfect for infants as the fabric is soft and absorbent and the bandanna shape is meant to nestle up under the neckline to absorb milk dribbles and teething drool. I washed mine several times to maximize their absorbency as well.

 The MyMiniMcGee bibdannas are a wonderful baby gift idea, as they can be used from birth well past the teething stage. The fabric washes well and seams stayed put without unraveling. These bibs are very price friendly and will keep clothing changes down due to spills and dribbles. I did receive this set at a reduced fee in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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