Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Slow and Steady for Hungry Dogs

 Slow feeders don't only help with bloat, they can alleviate boredom! My Boston Terrier puppy, Solaire,  has a flat mushy bulldog face and I've been feeding him both raw off a plate and kibble out of a rolling treat dispensing ball. To keep him from getting anxious when I had to leave the house, I would give him some treats in his ball but he figured that out too quickly. I looked at several puzzle bowls but his flat square muzzle would've kept him frustrated trying to reach into a bowl, so I was thrilled when I saw this big flat soft feeder! The mat is firm enough to stay on the floor but the peaks are light and bendable when he sticks his mush face and bug eyes in it, keeping his eyeballs safe as well. I takes him a few minutes to get the kibble out and he is eating it piece by piece. 

 He isn't the brightest or most intense dog, that type which might figure out to just flip the mat over and eat all at once. Some days I flip the mat over to the deep indentions and stick treats in them, as several brands of treats (Zukes, Chummy Yummies) are just large enough to really stay in the pockets and make him figure out how to pull them out. He has always worked them out as the feeding mat is flexible. To REALLY puzzle him, I'll load the mat with treats upside down, then set it right side up and on a good day, he'll figure out to push the mat around.
 He isn't an aggressive chewer so I leave the mat in his toy box. Some days he brings it to me for fetch, and I'll put one treat in it as a reward, so with the right dog you'll get more than just a feeder! It wipes clean so in theory you could put anything in it, even wet food or raw as it's also dishwasher safe silicone. The feeder comes with a collapsible bowl which is great to carry in my purse, as I often forget to bring a bowl for water when we're out.
You can't go wrong with this slow feeder

*I received it at a discount in return for my honest opinion.

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