Friday, October 9, 2015

oh hey

I never realised what a huge trendy baby culture was out there until I started following some other moms on Instagram . It's a world of ultra cute tiny hipsters in shrunken down hip hip slogan tees, arrow prints, flower crowns and bib bandanna hybrids called BIBDANNAS.

 Since my baby isn't due yet, my Boston Terrier, Solaire, is modeling a super soft, super cute bibdanna that was given to me in a set by MyMiniMcGee. Straight out of the package, these bibdannas are fleecy and gentle on the back and smooth and pleasant on the printed side. My set had four cheery, unisex patterns with a set of two secure snaps. It stayed on while Solaire attempted to yank it off after posing yet easily and quickly released. 

 MyMiniMcGee bibdannas are perfect for infants as the fabric is soft and absorbent and the bandanna shape is meant to nestle up under the neckline to absorb milk dribbles and teething drool. I washed mine several times to maximize their absorbency as well.

 The MyMiniMcGee bibdannas are a wonderful baby gift idea, as they can be used from birth well past the teething stage. The fabric washes well and seams stayed put without unraveling. These bibs are very price friendly and will keep clothing changes down due to spills and dribbles. I did receive this set at a reduced fee in exchange for my honest opinion.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Slow and Steady for Hungry Dogs

 Slow feeders don't only help with bloat, they can alleviate boredom! My Boston Terrier puppy, Solaire,  has a flat mushy bulldog face and I've been feeding him both raw off a plate and kibble out of a rolling treat dispensing ball. To keep him from getting anxious when I had to leave the house, I would give him some treats in his ball but he figured that out too quickly. I looked at several puzzle bowls but his flat square muzzle would've kept him frustrated trying to reach into a bowl, so I was thrilled when I saw this big flat soft feeder! The mat is firm enough to stay on the floor but the peaks are light and bendable when he sticks his mush face and bug eyes in it, keeping his eyeballs safe as well. I takes him a few minutes to get the kibble out and he is eating it piece by piece. 

 He isn't the brightest or most intense dog, that type which might figure out to just flip the mat over and eat all at once. Some days I flip the mat over to the deep indentions and stick treats in them, as several brands of treats (Zukes, Chummy Yummies) are just large enough to really stay in the pockets and make him figure out how to pull them out. He has always worked them out as the feeding mat is flexible. To REALLY puzzle him, I'll load the mat with treats upside down, then set it right side up and on a good day, he'll figure out to push the mat around.
 He isn't an aggressive chewer so I leave the mat in his toy box. Some days he brings it to me for fetch, and I'll put one treat in it as a reward, so with the right dog you'll get more than just a feeder! It wipes clean so in theory you could put anything in it, even wet food or raw as it's also dishwasher safe silicone. The feeder comes with a collapsible bowl which is great to carry in my purse, as I often forget to bring a bowl for water when we're out.
You can't go wrong with this slow feeder

*I received it at a discount in return for my honest opinion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Teething Jewelry On Trend

What's pastel or bright and chewy all over? That could be taffy or most importantly, it IS this line of teething jewelry from Pacify Mama! I wasn't sure what to expect when my teething necklace and bangle bracelet came as teething jewelry tends to look like rubbery doll accessories. Wow, did this set get compliments when I wore it out to snap a few photos. I had some ladies stop me in the store to ask where I bought it. My 19 year old wanted a set of her own just for comfort chewing!

Teething jewelry is worn by the mom (or dad if he's cool like that) and gives nursing babies something to keep their fingers safely busy. You can see that the length is very generous and the necklace is soft yet substantial, on a silky cord with a breakaway clasp. The bangle easily fit over my large hands and the gold was softly metallic and very on trend. Pacify Mama products are safe for chewing, non-toxic and washable.

 I chose the gray silver set with pearl, gold and black accent beads but there are other colors and the price is perfect for a baby shower or welcome home gift. In fact, every baby teethes thus every mom can benefit from having these pieces "on hand", literally! I hope to get the set in turquoise blue, hint hint!
 Also, I've just reached six months and do I look TIRED! 

*I received this item at a greatly discounted price in return for my honest review.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Goodbye, Summer Skin!

Perhaps "goodbye" is a bit premature as I live in Houston, Texas, where it's always swampy. However, all this sweat and heat and humidity and hormonal chaos has left my facial skin a congested, dull mess. My dermatologist said to avoid salicyclic acids, no retinoids and absolutely NO facial peels to unclog all these blackheads. As each week progressed, I was seeing more adult acne creep up and was feeling really self-conscious and helpless to fight the pimple war.

 Thank goodness for Elba n.5 Microdermabrasion Cream and my Clarisonic Mia brush. If you don't own a Clarisonic facial brush, invest in one and treat your skin to the most thorough, gentle cleansing possible. My previous Clarisonic three speed lasted over five years, what a bargain! I've had issues with large, congested pores and adult acne since I hit my 30s and only consistent cleansing with acid based facial formulas and regular skin peels along with microdermabrasion kept my skin looking healthy, unclogged and youthful. I have had many MANY sessions with different estheticians and none were under $60 (I've used Groupons because I'm cheap) and my skin felt great for a few days.... then back to break outs.

 I assure you that Elba n.5 is as close to that high dollar facial as you can come in your own home. It's suggested use is twice weekly but I find myself doing every other day. I do not get irritation or redness or sensitivity issues after using this product and my skin is clean and soft, not squeaky and stripped. I usually apply the microdermabrasion cream at night, before I shower, making sure my skin is steamed and wet and completing two cycles with my Clarisonic. You could use your fingers, a konjac sponge or just a soft washcloth as well. I rinse completely in the shower, pat my face gently then apply my preferred vitamin c serum to my fine lines and congested pores. Extraction of blackheads is so much easier after using this cream and I have seen the best results along my nasal-labial folds in smoothness and pore size reduction (laugh lines). I can easily use it around my lips, at my temples and under eye area without sensitivity issues.

 Works great on that fading summer skin damage to the shoulders and cleavage area as well! Get that chicken skin off your upper arms using this! Give Elba n.5 a try, the benefits will surprise you:

- reduces appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles 
- boosts moisture levels 
- helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles 
- paraben free 
- perfect for sensitive skin 
- non-comedogenic 
- contains aluminum oxide crystals